Remove the 'Powered by Shopify' text from your store

You can remove the "Powered by Shopify" message if you don't want to show it on your store. There are two ways to remove this text. You only need to use one of these methods – choose whichever one seems easier to you.

Edit your theme's language settings

  1. Click the ... button for the theme you want to customize, then click Edit language.

  2. In the Filter translations box, type powered.

  3. In the Powered by Shopify box, type a single space .

    The faded placeholder text in the box will disappear. You can repeat these steps for the Powered by Shopify HTML box, which appears on your store's "Opening soon" page if your store is password-protected.

  4. Click Save to confirm your changes to your theme's language settings.

Edit theme.liquid

  1. Find the theme you want to edit, click the ... button, and then click Edit HTML/CSS.

  2. Under the Layouts folder, click theme.liquid to open it in the online code editor.

  3. Use ctrl + F on a PC or command + F on a Mac and search for {{ powered_by_link }}. Can't find it? Every theme is a little different, so you might find that Liquid tag in a different file inside your theme. See the section Shopify Themes below if you cannot find the tag and you have a theme made by Shopify.

  4. Delete the tag when you locate it.

  5. Save your changes.

Shopify Themes

If you are using Classic, Pop, Solo Venture or Supply, the tag might be in your footer.liquid snippet, click here to open the snippet in your online code editor.

If your theme is React, the tag might be in your mini-footer.liquid snippet, click here to open the snippet in your online code editor.

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