Theme development tools

After you have created your development store, you can choose the tools you want to use to create your theme.


Slate is a tool for developing Shopify themes. Slate is composed of two parts:

  • a theme scaffold consisting of templates, sections, starter styles, and helper scripts that you can use to base your theme on,
  • a toolkit of commands to compile theme files and sync your local files to your development store.

The theme scaffold gives you a solid foundation to start designing your theme, without having to create a theme file structure from scratch.

The command line toolkit provides a build process that compiles the theme files and assets into a compatible theme. The toolkit can also be used to watch your local files for changes and deploy your theme to multiple stores. The build process is based on the folder structure of the theme scaffolding and cannot be modified. If you prefer to use a custom build process, then it is recommended to use Shopify Theme Kit for syncing your local theme files to your stores.

Shopify Theme Kit

Shopify Theme Kit lets you set up a theme development environment using your own development tools to interact with the Shopify platform. Using Theme Kit, you can:

  • use workflow tools like Git to work with a team of theme developers
  • upload themes to multiple environments
  • watch for local changes and upload automatically to Shopify
  • work on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

Edit HTML/CSS page

Template editor

The Edit HTML/CSS page can be accessed through the Themes page of your Shopify Admin. It allows you to see all of your theme templates and assets, and directly make changes to them.

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