Helpful resources

Here are some helpful resources that can help you learn the basics of Shopify theme development:

Shopify Design Tutorials

Informative videos by Shopify's @keirwhitaker on making themes. These videos cover specific questions or tasks you might want to undertake when building or customizing a theme.

View the entire video series ›


If you want to see more educational videos and tutorials like this one, visit our video library.


Timber is a front-end framework which makes building Shopify themes quick and easy. It includes all of the required templates and Liquid tags as well as a responsive CSS framework to quickly apply your own styles.

Learn more about Timber by viewing the code on GitHub or reviewing the documentation.


Skeleton is another great starting point for theme designers. It includes inline, detailed comments to help you better understand each template.

You can download Skeleton through its GitHub page here.

Shopify Cheat Sheet

The Shopify Cheat Sheet is an interactive reference for the Liquid templating language used to build Shopify themes.

You can explore the Shopify Cheat Sheet here.

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