Internationalizing themes

If you're planning to submit a theme to the Shopify Theme Store, it must be internationalized.

What's an internationalized theme?

An internationalized theme is a theme that enables merchants to use the Shopify Language Editor to translate their storefront content into another language.

Optionally, an internationalized theme can also include ready-made translations in one or more languages. Merchants can choose any one of these supported languages and activate it on their storefront immediately.

What must I include in my theme?

To meet Shopify's standards for internationalization, your theme must:

  • include a locale file for each language that your theme supports, containing all the translated content including checkout and system translations if necessary
  • replace all the hardcoded website content in your theme template files with translation keys
  • implement a translation filter in your template files, to pass the translation keys to the locale file.


You are responsible for the completeness and quality of the translations.

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