Section tags

Section tags are used for providing settings, styles, and scripts that are unique to a section file. These tags can only be used in section files.


Wraps scripts in a self-executing anonymous function and places them in a single file loaded in content_for_header. The scripts are only executed when the section is rendered on the page.


The schema tag is used in section files to define the settings and properties of that section.

{% schema %}
    "name": "Header",
    "settings": [
        "type": "image_picker",
        "id": "logo",
        "label": "Logo image"
{% endschema %}

The schema tags must contain valid JSON and cannot be nested inside another theme tag. Read more about building schema in the section schema documentation.


Concatenates styles into a single stylesheet loaded in content_for_header.

stylesheet tag parameters


Allows Sass support for styles within the stylesheet tag.


{% stylesheet 'scss' %}
  $brandColor: #7ab55c;

  .cta__heading {
    font-size: 2.25em;
    color: $brandColor;
{% endstylesheet %}



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