Getting started

When you're approved to join the affiliate program, you'll receive a welcome email with your affiliate link, banners, and other information to help you get started. In this email, you'll learn where to log into the Shopify Affiliate dashboard to access your affiliate information.

When you've logged in, you'll see your affiliates dashboard:

Shopify Affiliates dashboard

Your referral link is visible in your affiliates dashboard:

Shopify Affiliates referral link

This link will send all your referred traffic to the Shopify home page.

The affiliates dashboard will also provide you with HTML affiliate links to send users to Shopify, as well as banner images to place on your content or website.

Getting around the dashboard

You can reach most parts of your affiliate dashboard from the menu:


You can view your earnings and your next payment on the Payments page.


You can view your referrals on the Referrals page. This page also features a link to download your referral banners.

For each of your referrals, you can see which plan type they have chosen. Some referrals will have a status listed instead of a plan:

  • trial — the merchant is still on their 14-day trial
  • frozen — the merchant's trial ran out and they did not choose a plan.

Development stores

On the Development stores page, you can create stores for your clients with unlimited trial periods. To earn commission from these stores, you must hand off account ownership to the merchant.


You can change your settings or update your profile from the Settings page. Here you can also update your PayPal account email, your payment options, and GST/HST numbers.

Live chat support

From the Live chat support page, you can start a chat with Shopify support at any time.

Affiliates FAQ

Here you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions from our partners.

Your affiliate manager

Your affiliates dashboard lists your affiliate manager. You can reach out to your affiliate manager with questions at any time.

If you like, you can send your traffic to different pages on the Shopify website if you feel they are better landing pages for your particular promotion method. To do this, you need to create a deep link. You can create a deep link if you are an advanced user interested in our enhanced performance dashboard. This dashboard allows you to track information such as clicks and referring URL reports as well as deep links. If you're interested, create a password and then log in to the advanced dashboard.

Once inside, you can create a "deep link" to change the destination URL your traffic will visit. Examples of pages you can link to instead of the homepage are:

To create a deep link in the advanced dashboard:

  1. After you log in to the advanced dashboard, click Offers.

  2. Click the name Shopify in the offer list.

  3. Click Add deep link.

    Make sure no other options are checked or highlighted:

    Interface for creating a deep link
  4. Type or paste the destination URL for your deep link.

  5. Click the plus sign.

  6. Copy and the code from the box and paste it wherever you'd like to show your link.

Your deep link will now send traffic to the URL that you chose.

If you're not sure what page to send traffic to, your default affiliate link is the safest bet. Shopify's home page is designed to convert free trial users.