About the Shopify Affiliate Program

The Shopify Affiliate Program includes entrepreneurs, educators, influencers, and content creators who inspire and teach their audience about entrepreneurship with Shopify. It also includes others who refer their entrepreneurial audience to Shopify. The program is free to join, and allows you to monetize your audience and earn commissions from each new Shopify merchant referral. As an affiliate, you can earn an average of $58 for each user who signs up for a paid plan with your unique affiliate link. To maximize your earnings, each referral will be supported during their transition from a trial to a paid plan.

To apply, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • You own and run an active website
  • You have an established audience
  • You create original content, such as online courses, seminars, blog posts, or videos
  • You have experience with Shopify or other e-commerce platforms
  • You have read the Shopify Partner Program Agreement

The program can accept only a limited number of applicants.

Applying to the Shopify Affiliate Program

If you're new to the Shopify platform, then you can apply to the Affiliates program by signing up for a Partner account. If you're already a Shopify Partner, then you can also apply to be an Affiliate by going to the Affiliate tools page in your Partner Dashboard, then clicking Apply now.

Your application must include an active website, sample content of how you intend to promote Shopify, and your past experience (if any) in digital marketing. Your application must also explain your experience and skills with Shopify and other platforms and how they plan to promote Shopify.

Applicants with any level of expertise, audience size, language proficiency, and geographic location are encouraged to apply. Common types of Shopify Affiliates include: educators, product reviewers, business influencers, content creators, agencies, and Shopify merchants.

In most cases, applications to the Shopify Affiliate Program are processed within 15 business days.

Accepted applications

If your application is approved, then you'll receive an email with an affiliate link to promote Shopify, and some tools to help you get started. You can also find your affiliate link in Education > Get started in your partner dashboard.

Denied applications

Due to the high volume of submissions, Shopify doesn't provide feedback on individual applications.

If you're looking for other ways to become a Partner, learn more about development store referrals.

Your affiliate link directs visitors to Shopify and includes your unique referral handle so each new merchant you refer can be tracked. When educating your audience about Shopify, always use your unique affiliate link. This ensures you receive credit for the new merchants who sign up for Shopify with the help of your referral. You can copy the affiliate link provided on the Affiliate tools page in your Partner Dashboard.

A standard affiliate link looks like this:


Your affiliate link includes a 30-day tracking cookie. This means that if a visitor clicks on your affiliate link posted on your website, then you will be credited with the referral as long as the visitor signs up for a 14-day free trial within 30 days. When the 14-day free trial ends and the visitor becomes a paying customer, you will earn a commission. To learn more about the revenue that you're entitled to as a Shopify Affiliate, refer to Shopify Partner earnings.

Make sure to use this link every time you mention Shopify in your course, blog, YouTube, podcast, email list, social networks, or other channels. You can use advanced tracking to measure the success of your campaigns on the Affiliate Tools page in your Partner Dashboard.

By default, your affiliate link sends visitors to the Shopify free trial page. To create links that land on other Shopify pages, you can use deep linking.

You can edit your affiliate link to work for international versions of Shopify websites (excluding African countries) by adding your affiliate referral handle to the end of the following international domains:

  • USA - https://www.shopify.com/?ref=[YOUR_UNIQUE_REF_HANDLE]
  • Canada (EN) - https://www.shopify.ca/?ref=[YOUR_UNIQUE_REF_HANDLE]
  • Canada (FR) - https://fr.shopify.ca/?ref=[YOUR_UNIQUE_REF_HANDLE]
  • New Zealand - https://www.shopify.co.nz/?ref=[YOUR_UNIQUE_REF_HANDLE]
  • United Kingdom - https://www.shopify.co.uk/?ref=[YOUR_UNIQUE_REF_HANDLE]
  • South Africa - https://www.shopify.co.za/?ref=[YOUR_UNIQUE_REF_HANDLE]
  • Indonesia - https://www.shopify.co.id/?ref=[YOUR_UNIQUE_REF_HANDLE]
  • Australia - https://www.shopify.com.au/?ref=[YOUR_UNIQUE_REF_HANDLE]
  • Nigeria - https://www.shopify.com.ng/?ref=[YOUR_UNIQUE_REF_HANDLE]
  • Ireland - https://www.shopify.ie/?ref=[YOUR_UNIQUE_REF_HANDLE]
  • Hong Kong SAR - https://www.shopify.hk/?ref=[YOUR_UNIQUE_REF_HANDLE]
  • India - https://www.shopify.in/?ref=[YOUR_UNIQUE_REF_HANDLE]
  • Malaysia - https://www.shopify.my/?ref=[YOUR_UNIQUE_REF_HANDLE]
  • Singapore - https://www.shopify.com.sg/?ref=[YOUR_UNIQUE_REF_HANDLE]
  • Philippines - https://www.shopify.com.ph/?ref=[YOUR_UNIQUE_REF_HANDLE]
  • Spanish (international) - https://es.shopify.com/?ref=[YOUR_UNIQUE_REF_HANDLE]
  • Spain - https://www.shopify.es/?ref=[YOUR_UNIQUE_REF_HANDLE]
  • Colombia - https://www.shopify.com.co/?ref=[YOUR_UNIQUE_REF_HANDLE]
  • Mexico - https://www.shopify.com.mx/?ref=[YOUR_UNIQUE_REF_HANDLE]
  • Brazil - https://pt.shopify.com/?ref=[YOUR_UNIQUE_REF_HANDLE]
  • Germany - https://www.shopify.de/?ref=[YOUR_UNIQUE_REF_HANDLE]
  • France - https://www.shopify.fr/?ref=[YOUR_UNIQUE_REF_HANDLE]
  • Italy - https://it.shopify.com/?ref=[YOUR_UNIQUE_REF_HANDLE]
  • Japan - https://www.shopify.jp/?ref=[YOUR_UNIQUE_REF_HANDLE]
  • Russia - https://ru.shopify.com/?ref=[YOUR_UNIQUE_REF_HANDLE]

You can also drive traffic to localized Shopify pages by adding your referral handle to the end of the following domains:

Using the Partner Dashboard

You can use the Partner Dashboard to manage your affiliate account details and understand your affiliate referrals and campaigns. From there, you can also learn about other opportunities, such as building apps for the Shopify App Store or stores for Shopify merchants.

  • The Referrals page shows a list of the stores that you've referred to Shopify, and includes information about their recent activity and their Shopify Plan.
  • The Affiliate tools page shows the status of your application, an overview of the clicks, trial signups, paid conversions, and earnings for each of your affiliate campaigns. From this page, you can create a standard affiliate link, create an advanced link with campaign tracking parameters, and export data from your affiliate campaigns to view detailed revenue amounts for each of the Shopify stores that you've referred. To learn how to track the effectiveness of your affiliate links across various platforms and campaigns, refer to Affiliate tools.
  • The Payouts page shows a list of payout periods. Click a payout period to show detailed revenue amounts for each of the Shopify stores that you’ve referred.

Affiliate referral commission

You're eligible to receive a commission for merchants that you refer to a paid Shopify plan through your affiliate link. To learn more about the revenue that you're entitled to as a Shopify Affiliate, refer to Shopify Partner earnings.

Getting paid as a Shopify Affiliate

For credits created from the 1st up to and including the 15th of the month, the payout will occur five business days after the 15th day of the month. For credits created between the 16th to and including the last day of the month, the payout will occur five business days after the last day of the month. If the commission balance is below $25, then it will be held until the next payout period.

Affiliate payouts can be made only through PayPal. Payments are made in USD. Depending on your location and the tax information that you provide, your payouts might be subject to taxes.

Getting support as a Shopify Affiliate

If you have any further questions about Shopify’s Affiliate Program, then you can contact your Affiliate Manager, Affiliate support, or Shopify live support. For more information, refer to the Affiliate support page.