Shopify Education Partners

The Shopify Education Partners program supports high-quality partner-produced courses that teach merchants how to launch or grow their business. Becoming an Education Partner can help you refer new merchants to Shopify and improve your potential to earn revenue through the Shopify Partner program.

As an Education Partner, you can add the Shopify Approved Course badge to your course materials. The badge can help you:

  • enhance your credibility as a Shopify product expert
  • differentiate your course among others in the ecommerce industry
  • assure your students that your course provides the highest-quality learning experience.  

Requirements for Shopify Education Partners


  • Must be willing to provide your store handle for verification of any performance claims (ex. store sale volume)
  • Referred a minimum of 50 new merchants since becoming a Shopify Affiliate
  • Must not use an affiliate link to promote any other ecommerce platforms within the approved course
  • The course and any marketing promotion of the course must clearly disclose your partnership with Shopify
  • All statements (including 3 testimonials) made about your course must be true, accurate and verifiable with contact information

Course Delivery & User Experience Criteria

  • The user experience for online courses must be navigable.
  • The presentation format for offline courses must follow a logical flow.
  • Student details and payment information must be secure.
  • Sign-up and course access must be logical and intuitive.
  • Your course is hosted by you, either through your owned media channel or your in-person event.
  • Course marketing aligns with learning outcomes.
  • Learners do not encounter locked or gated content after purchasing access. What is said to be delivered to the student must be delivered.
  • The audio and video quality is professional and reflects positively on the Shopify brand.

Course content criteria

  • Content flows in a logical and easy-to-follow structure.
  • Course outline defines clear learning objectives and outcomes.
  • Course or workshop is fairly priced and in-line with quality and length of material.
  • Course content has been updated within the past 12 months.
  • Content sets realistic expectations for students and the challenges of growing a successful commerce business. No ‘get rich quick’ messaging permitted.
  • Content addresses audience needs, challenges, and learning requirements.
  • Content educates learners on how Shopify addresses pain points and offers solutions to their business needs.
  • The Shopify product is referenced accurately, the content is aligned with the Shopify brand, and it includes a clear depiction of platform features, relevant use cases for the prospective audience, and market differentiators.
  • Course includes real-life examples (such as case studies) or is presented from an experienced Shopify merchant.
  • Any statistics referenced are accurate, up to date, and appropriately cited.
  • Course content outlines a clear call to action and next steps. For example, “Become a Shopify Merchant” followed by “Sign Up Here”.
  • Course content encourages students to provide a user-centric experience for their customers.

Brand requirements

  • The Partner demonstrates a commitment to inspiring entrepreneurship.
  • The Partner is recognized by Shopify as honest and approachable.
  • The Partner abides by all Shopify Affiliate Program Guidelines.

Becoming a Shopify Education Partner

To become a Shopify Education Partner:

  1. Confirm you meet the Education Partner requirements.
  2. If you meet the requirements, then submit your course and login details to the Partner Support team through the Partner Dashboard.

If your course is close to being eligible, then you’ll be provided with an audit report with feedback for improvement. After you've made the suggested changes, you can re-submit your course for a final review.

If your course is approved, then you’ll be provided with the terms of use for the Shopify Approved Course badge. After you agree to the terms of use, you'll be given the badge to add to your course materials.


Your approval is valid for one year from the issuance date.

After one year, Shopify’s Education Partner Manager will be in touch to provide you with a list of changes that might need to be made to your course and guide you on how to resubmit the course for review. This process is to ensure that your content is up to date and continues to meet both our program and standard industry requirements.