Resources for promoting Shopify

Shopify provides many resources that both you and your potential referrals can use to learn more about the platform. You can share these resources with your audience, and use deep linking to drive traffic to your affiliate link.

Shopify sales channels

Shopify includes many sales channels that merchants can use to sell products and reach more customers. The following resources describe how Shopify sales channels can help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Use deep linking to direct your customers to these pages about sales channels:

  • Online Store - Sell through an online store and checkout.
  • Shopify POS - Sell in person using the Shopify POS app, a credit card reader, and other retail hardware.
  • Buy Button - Sell from your own website or blog (including blog and Squarespace) by embedding buy buttons that connect with your Shopify checkout.
  • Facebook Messenger - Sell directly from conversations with customers, send order and shipping notifications, and respond to customer questions.
  • Amazon - Manage your Amazon listings and Shopify products in a single location.
  • eBay - List your products on eBay and manage orders, without ever leaving Shopify.

Other sales channels

Additional online sales channels are available for Shopify from third-party developers and can be added in the Shopify App Store.


You can help your audience learn about running a successful online business with our free ebooks and guides. Use deep linking to attach your affiliate handle to any of the following guides:

Other helpful resources

  • Videos - Shopify videos has ecommerce training video courses that teach shop owners how to sell their products online.

  • Ecommerce video course - Ezra Firestone of Smart Marketer has developed a 21-video course that teaches potential merchants how to earn sales on their online store. You can publish these videos on your own properties with your Shopify affiliate link. Each Shopify merchant who signs up through your link will earn you a one-time, 200% commission of their first monthly Shopify account fee. You can learn how to publish these videos on your own properties here.

  • Podcasts - Shopify runs two podcasts to help your audience with their entrepreneurial goals: Shopify Masters and TGIM.

  • Key Features - Use our overview to tell your audience the key features of Shopify, including ways to sell, pricing plans, and where to find help.

  • Who are Shopify merchants? - Find out more about Shopify’s success stories. Link to the success stories and additional merchant examples in your content to show your audience what they can do with the Shopify platform.

  • Shopify Community forums - With the Shopify Community forums, your audience can learn how to build, launch, and grow an online business with free tools and resources.