Managing app reviews

After a merchant installs your app, they can leave a review for it. Positive reviews can encourage merchants to use your app, and can make your app easier to find in the App Store. Reviews are also an important part of getting featured on the App Store.

When a merchant leaves a review for your app, they rate it on a scale of 1 to 5 and leave a comment. To leave a review, the merchant must have installed your app to their store. After a merchant uninstalls an app, they have 45 days to leave a review before the privilege is revoked.

Asking for reviews

You can ask merchants to leave reviews as long as you don't encourage them to leave a good review. You should use neutral language, and never attach a review with an offer. For example:

"We value feedback! It helps us make our product better and keeps us energized. Let us know how we’re doing."

Here are some examples of inappropriate ways to request feedback:

  • "Like our service? Leave us a positive review!": This only motivates users with a favourable perception of your services.
  • "Get one month free by leaving us a review!": If you’re giving something to someone for free, then you’re influencing them to leave a positive review.
  • "Positive feedback keeps us going! Help by leaving a review now!": Even though you’re just asking for a review, you're suggesting that the review should be positive.

Managing negative reviews

Negative reviews can be helpful at identifying issues with your app. If a merchant leaves a negative review because of a bug or other issue, then you should work with the merchant to fix the issue. After the issue is fixed, you can ask the merchant to consider updating their review.

Sometimes, negative reviews are not helpful. There are specific circumstances where we will intervene and potentially remove reviews from app listings. We will investigate reviews that include:

  • Inappropriate content: the review is clearly inflammatory or derogatory.

  • Personal information: reviews that contain phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, or other personal information will be deleted to protect that person’s privacy.

  • Conflict of interest: reviews written by merchants who were offered something in exchange for a review. We will also remove reviews left by an app developer or affiliated employee on a competing app or on their own app.

If you see a review that violates these terms, please contact us.

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