Build a sales channel

You can use Shopify's APIs and tools to build sales channel apps for your marketplace or platform. Sales channel apps enable merchants to easily publish their products to your platform, and connect your platform's users to millions of products from Shopify merchants. Shopify handles the hard parts, like payments, shipping, taxes, inventory, and analytics.

When building an app for Shopify, you can turn your app into a sales channel app as part of app setup from the Partner Dashboard. When your app's ready, you can list it in the Shopify App Store so that merchants can add it to their Shopify stores. Before you submit your app, make sure that you're following the Shopify App Store listing requirements for sales channels.

Some examples of existing sales channel apps are [Facebook]/manual/sell-online/facebook-sales-channel), Pinterest, and Instagram (for a complete list of available sales channels, see the Sales channels collection in the Shopify App Store). Sales channels provide the opportunity to extend Shopify into new areas by building apps that help merchants sell online, on mobile apps, and through social media.

Essential guides


Learn about the architecture of sales channel apps, key resource types, and common app behaviors.

Getting started

Start building a sales channel app including OAuth, webhooks, and checkouts.

Design guidelines

Learn how to use the component library from the Shopify Polaris design system.

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