Importing and exporting workflows

You can import and export workflows to add them to your other stores, share them with other merchants, and create backup copies.

Because workflows can be edited and saved only within Flow, you can trust that they won't contain any unsupported instructions or code. When you import a workflow, it's added to Flow, but it's not enabled in your store. Before you enable a workflow, you need to review it, and customize it to fit your business needs:

  • Make sure that you change any email or Slack addresses so that your messages get sent to the right people.
  • Review the message text to make sure that it matches the style and tone of your business.
  • If a workflow uses Slack and you do not, then you can replace the action with one that sends an email message.

Import workflow files

To import a workflow:

  1. From the Workflows page in Flow, click More actions > Import workflows and follow the instructions:
    Click More Actions > Import workflows to import.
    The imported workflow is added to your list of workflows.
  2. Click the workflow to open its Workflow details page and then click Edit workflow. Make sure that your workflow isn't missing any details, such as a condition or action.
  3. After you are satisfied with your changes, click Enable to enable the workflow.

Editing workflow files

You can edit your workflows by using Flow only. You can open a workflow file in a text editor to view its contents, but do not make any changes to the file. Files that have been edited outside of Flow cannot be imported into any store (including the store from which you exported it from originally). This restriction makes sure that the workflow that you import contains only content that is supported by Flow.

Export workflow files

Before you export a workflow that you intend to share with another merchant, you need to remove any identifying or sensitive information such as email addresses or other contact information. Any saved workflow, including those that cannot be enabled because they are missing some details, can be exported. After you import a workflow, review it and enter any missing details.

To export a workflow file:

  1. Open the workflow in the workflow editor.
  2. Click More actions > Export workflow and follow the instructions.

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