Order created

The Order created trigger starts a workflow when an order is placed by a customer, or when a draft order is marked as paid and converted to an order.

Data provided

The following data is provided to workflows that start with the Order created trigger.

Data that is provided to workflows with the trigger.
orderThe order that was created. Allows accessing data on the GraphQL Admin API Order object

Testing the trigger

To test an active workflow that starts with this trigger, you can:


This trigger provides an order, so it enables you to use any action that requires an order, including:

Orders allow you to access other data like the customer, so it can be used with customer actions. These include:

Orders also contain lists of data like line items. Using a For each action, you can loop through these lists and perform actions on each item. For example, you can loop through the line items and add a tag to each product.


Example of a workflow that updates a customer note when an order is created

In this example workflow, a customer note is updated when that customer creates a new order.

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