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The Capture payment action captures payment for the order that triggers the workflow. If you want to use Capture Payment in your workflow, then you need to ensure that in your Shopify admin, you set up manual payment capture.

For example, you create a workflow that uses the Order created trigger and the Capture payment action. The Order created trigger starts a workflow only when a new order is created, and does not monitor an order for new transactions. If the order is edited or has a post-purchase upsell, then the new payment is not captured. In this case, use the Order transaction created trigger instead, which starts a workflow every time a new transaction is created on an order.

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The Capture payment action has a hidden field added to it by the trigger. This field, Order ID, identifies the order to capture payment for. The order ID is set by default and can't be changed.

The Capture payment action can be used in workflows that start with the following triggers:


Example of a workflow that captures payment for an order when its risk level is medium or low

In this example workflow, payment is captured for an order when its risk level is meduim or low.

API details

To learn more, review the Transaction object.

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