Requirements and considerations for using B2B wholesale

Before you set up B2B on Shopify for your wholesale business, you need to review the following requirements and considerations.

Order requirements

Orders have a maximum of 500 line items. If a customer places an order for more than 500 different products or variants, then the order will fail.

Ineligible or incompatible features for B2B orders

Certain features are either unavailable or incompatible with B2B orders, such as the following features:

B2B customer requirements

B2B customers must use new customer accounts to log in.

Company locations requirements

Company locations can have a maximum of 25 catalogs that can be assigned to them.

Activating additional features for B2B orders

To ensure that B2B orders have access to certain features, you might need to contact Shopify Plus Support to activate them. The following features aren't included by default for B2B orders:

Reach out to Shopify Plus Support if you require these features for your B2B.

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