Customizing and editing your checkout

You can use the checkout editor to customize and manage the functionality and the appearance of your checkout in a single place that's separate from your theme editor. With the checkout editor you can add checkout apps to your checkout experience and customize checkout branding.

To customize the branding of your checkout, you can add your brand's logo, add a background color or image, change the colors in the checkout, and change the font. Some of the branding options that you add to your checkout automatically apply to your new customer account pages.

You can also install checkout apps from the Shopify App Store, and then add them to your checkout using the checkout editor. App developers and Shopify partners can build apps for you to add additional functionalities to your checkout.

For example, you can install an item upsell app, and then add it to your checkout's order summary area to let customers add additional items to their cart during checkout.

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