Requirements for selling hemp and hemp-derived products in Canada

To sell cannabis products on Shopify in Canada, you must ensure that you comply with the requirements described on this page. Remember, you always need to follow the laws of your store’s location and the places you ship products.

Cannabis product compliance statements

I confirm that:

  1. I am the account owner or business owner and have authority to bind my business to these statements. My business will follow these rules as long as it sells, or offers to sell, cannabis products.
  2. The address listed in my Shopify admin matches the province or territory of my business from which I conduct my business.
  3. My business operates from a province or territory where online sale of cannabis products is legal.
  4. My business is licensed to sell cannabis by the provincial or federal government, and I am following any terms or restrictions in my license.
  5. If I learn about a class action demand letter, or Health Canada enforcement action against my business, then I will notify Shopify within ten days by emailing a copy of the notice to
  6. Any time Shopify requests, I will provide documentation that confirms that my Shopify store, business, and cannabis products are in compliance with laws, regulations, or any of the requirements outlined here.

Compliance requirements for cannabis products

I confirm that, for cannabis products listed or sold on my Shopify store:

  1. Those products have been sourced, processed, tested, labeled and marketed, as required by federal and provincial law.
  2. I only sell those products into countries where those products are legal.
  3. I won't market those products as having any medicinal, disease-related, or therapeutic benefit, unless the claims I make have been approved by Health Canada.
  4. Those products have never been subject to a recall or safety alert from any regulatory authority such as Health Canada, in a place where I do business.
  5. If those products are ever recalled, then I will immediately remove them from my Shopify store and stop fulfilling, processing, or receiving orders for those products.
  6. I will only accept orders in Canadian dollars (CAD).

I understand that if I fail to comply with the confirmations and promises here, or if Shopify determines in its sole discretion that further action is required, that Shopify may take action against my account, up to and including termination.

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