Navigating the Content section in the admin

Metaobjects and Files are both accessible from the Content section in your Shopify admin. You can find this section from the admin navigation bar.

Managing metaobjects

The Metaobjects page lists all your shop's metaobjects. There are four default saved views displayed as cards along the top which navigate to a filtered view of this list. The following default saved views are available:

  • Available on storefront: Metaobject entries that are available to your storefront
  • Web pages: Metaobject entries with the web pages capability activated
  • Active: Metaobject entries with status set to Active
  • Draft: Metaobject entries with status set to Draft

On larger screens, six saved view cards are displayed. This requires you to have created at least 2 custom saved views. You can find instructions below for using saved views.

Recent entries are also displayed on this page and feature all metaobject entries in reverse chronological order.

You can search, filter, and sort your metaobject definition list as needed.

Using saved views

Metaobject entry lists can be configured with saved views to easily return to filtered lists of metaobject entries.


  1. In your Shopify admin, go to Content > Metaobjects.
  2. Select the + icon in the top bar to open the Create a new view modal.
  3. Enter a name for your saved view.
  4. With your newly created saved view open, select the search and filter icon in the top bar.
  5. Add the filters that you want this saved view to use. These can either be a free text search, or structured filters (updated, created, added by, or fields on the metaobject definition).
  6. Click Save.

Managing Files

The Files page lists of all your shop's files. You can search and filter your files based on file size, the file type (image, video, external video, 3D model, or other), and where files are used (products, other). Learn more about using files.

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