Marking jobs as complete

When the job is done, either you or the Expert can mark it as complete. After one of you marks the job as complete, the other receives a request to do the same. When both you and the Expert have marked the job as complete, it appears as Completed on the Jobs page in your Shopify admin. If either you or the Expert doesn't agree that the job is complete, then you can decline the request.

Marking jobs as complete helps you to keep track of ongoing work in your Shopify admin. It also helps the Experts Marketplace to improve its matching algorithm, so that you get matched with the right Experts in the future.

Mark a job as complete

  1. From your Shopify admin, click the account menu, and then click Hire a Shopify expert:

    Click Hire a Shopify expert in the account menu

  2. Click Jobs.

  3. Click the name of the job that you want to mark as complete.

  4. Click Complete job.

  5. Optional: In the Mark job as complete dialog, enter a description about your experience working with the Expert. This information helps Shopify to improve Experts Marketplace. Your response isn't shared with the Expert.

  6. Click Mark as complete.

If the Expert hasn't marked the job as complete yet, then they receive a request to do so. If they've already marked the job as complete, then it now appears as Completed on the Jobs page in your Shopify admin.

Reviewing Experts in Experts Marketplace

When you approve an Expert's request to confirm that a job's been completed, you have the option to leave a review. After you submit it, your review appears on the Expert's profile in Experts Marketplace. Leaving reviews lets other merchants view your experience working with that Expert, and makes it easier to find trusted Experts to work with based on their ratings in Experts Marketplace.

When you leave a review, you can rate two different areas: the communication and the quality of work. We've learned that these two things matter the most when you're working with Shopify Experts. You can also leave testimonials and share the cost of the project.

Each review is associated with the category of the job that was completed. This helps you to find Experts who have experience with jobs that are similar to the one that you're requesting. From the Expert's profile page, you can view similar jobs that they completed and the reviews that they received for those jobs.

Hire the same Expert for a new job

If you want to work with the same Expert on a new job, then go to one of their previous jobs in the Hire an Expert section of your Shopify admin, and then click Create job.

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