Completing jobs

When the job is done, you or the expert can mark it as complete. The job will then display as Completed on the Jobs page of the Experts Marketplace. Learn more about hiring Shopify Experts.

If the expert is working on an accepted proposal that isn't linked to a specific store, then you can't mark it as complete in the Experts Marketplace. The expert can still request a review.

Marking jobs as complete

Marking jobs as complete helps you and the expert keep track of the work that is done. It also helps improve matching you with the right experts if you create a new job.


  1. From the Experts Marketplace menu, click Jobs.
  2. Click the job you want to mark as complete.
  3. Click Complete job. You can also enter details about your experience working with the expert.
  4. Click Mark as complete.

If an expert marks a job as complete, and you don’t agree that the job is complete, then you can decline the request. You can then contact the expert to discuss the job further.

Leaving reviews for experts

After the expert marks a job as complete or you pay the invoice for a job, you have the option to leave a review. An expert might also request a review from you for work completed outside of the Experts Marketplace.

Your review displays on the expert’s profile in the Experts Marketplace. Sharing your experience helps others hire the right expert based on the expert's job ratings and reviews.

When you leave a review, you can rate the expert’s communication and quality of work. You can also leave testimonials and mention the cost of the job.

Guidelines for reviews

The following best practices can be helpful when leaving reviews:

  • Provide honest and constructive feedback in your review. It should describe your job and mention specific details about your experience working with the expert.
  • If you’re leaving a positive review, then explain why your experience was great. For example, leaving a review that says, “This expert is amazing!” doesn’t explain how the expert did a great job.
  • If you’re leaving a negative review, then state facts instead of just feelings. For example, if an expert failed to meet your timeline for the job, then mention how the job was delayed instead of saying that the experience was “awful.”
  • Make sure your review reflects how the entire job went from start to finish. For example, you could include a short comment to explain your rating, such as “I gave this expert one star because their communication wasn’t as regular as I would have liked.”
  • Don’t copy someone else’s review. It’s not helpful for others to read duplicate reviews about experts.

Contacting the same expert for a new job

If you have another job and want to work with the same expert, then you can contact them again.


  1. From the Experts Marketplace menu, select Jobs.
  2. Click a job that the expert completed.
  3. Click Create job.

Your conversation opens in the Messages tab.

If you worked with the expert on an accepted proposal, then you can contact the expert by opening your conversation in the Messages tab. Learn more about hiring Shopify Experts.

Next steps

If you haven't done so yet, then you can pay the expert's invoice.

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