Managing expiring Shopify Balance cards

All Shopify Balance cards, whether virtual or physical, have an expiration date. Review the process for renewing Shopify Balance cards to ensure smooth transactions and uninterrupted business operations.

When a Shopify Balance card is renewed, the card number remains constant but the expiry date and security code change. Make sure to update any recurring payments or saved card data with the new information to avoid disruptions in payment processing.

Notifications and reminders

To keep you informed about expiring cards, you receive an email notification 60 days before a virtual or physical Shopify Balance card is set to expire. Additionally, within your Shopify admin, you receive notifications stating that a Shopify Balance card is expiring soon. These notifications are displayed in multiple areas within the Balance section of your Shopify admin.

Replace a virtual Shopify Balance card

If you have a Shopify Balance virtual card that's expiring soon, then your virtual card is automatically replaced 45 days before its expiration date, which is 15 days after the initial notification you received. This replacement process is instant, meaning that your new virtual card is activated and ready for use immediately.

You can also manually request a virtual card replacement after the 60 days but before the 45 days before its expiration.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Finances > Balance.
  2. Select your main account.
  3. In the Your Balance cards section, select the virtual card that's expiring soon.
  4. Click the ... button > Replace.
  5. In the Replace virtual Shopify Balance card dialog, click Replace card.

Your new virtual card is ready for use immediately, and you receive an email confirming the replacement. You might need to update the expiry date and security code for any recurring payments associated with the Shopify Balance virtual card.

Replace physical Shopify Balance cards

To replace a physical Shopify Balance card, a new card is shipped to the address on file, which is your billing address. The replacement card is automatically sent to you 45 days before the expiration date of your current card. During this period, you have 15 days to update the address if necessary. If no action is taken, then the shipping process initiates automatically.

Throughout the replacement process, you receive email communications regarding the shipment and arrival of your new physical Shopify Balance card. You can continue using your expiring card until the physical card has been activated or until the expiry date has been reached.

Change the address of where a replacement physical Shopify Balance card is sent

  1. From the email notification or the banner displayed within your Shopify admin, click Change address.
  2. Review your shipping details, and then click Confirm address.

Expedite the replacement of a physical Shopify Balance card

  1. From the email notification or the banner displayed within your Shopify admin, click Send replacement now.
  2. Update your shipping address, and then click Next.
  3. Review your shipping details, and then click Confirm address.

After you change the address, you select Send replacement now, or it reaches 45 days before your card expires, the shipping process for your new card starts and you can't change your shipping address for the card. This is because the replacement card has already been mailed to you at this stage. If the address is incorrect, then you need to cancel and replace the card

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