Accept bill payments

The process to accept bill payments from Shopify Bill Pay depends on whether the merchant knows the payment details of your preferred delivery method.

Accepting payments from merchants who know your details

If a merchant knows the details of your preferred payment delivery methods, then you don't need to do anything to receive the funds. When the merchant schedules the payment, you receive an email outlining the payment details and expected delivery date. When the payment is processed, you receive a second email letting you know the payment is on its way.

Accept payments from merchants who don't know your details

Merchants can request that you choose your preferred method of payment delivery. If they select this option when scheduling their payment, then you receive an email asking you to enter the details yourself. The link in the email is valid only for 7 days. If the link expires, then contact the merchant directly for them to send you a new email.


  1. In the email, click Accept payment.
  2. Select the delivery method for the payment:
    • To be paid through a bank transfer, click Bank transfer, and then enter your bank details.
    • To have a paper check sent to your address, click Paper check, and then enter your name and mailing address.
  3. Click Submit and accept payment.
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