Supporting your vendors

Shopify Bill Pay doesn't provide direct support to your vendors. If your vendor has any questions, then review the following FAQs to find an answer you can pass along to them.

The vendor's payment hasn't arrived, what do I do?

The time for a payment to reach a vendor's account depends on the delivery method, but there can be additional considerations:

  • Payments are processed only once per day before 11:30 am ET. This means that any payments submitted after 11:30 am ET begin processing the next day. For example, a payment that takes one business day that is paid at 1:30 pm ET on a Monday isn't processed until Tuesday morning, and so won't arrive at the vendor's account until one business day from Tuesday, which would be Wednesday.
  • Federal holidays can affect delivery times.
  • The first time that you pay a vendor, extra delays can occur while the payment is reviewed.
  • High-value payments can take additional time to process.

For a full list of payment delivery times, refer to the vendor delivery methods.

If you selected to let the vendor choose the delivery method they receive your payment, then they're sent an email with a link to choose the method. The link is valid only for seven days. If the link expires, then the payment is canceled and the bill moves back into the Unpaid tab in your Shopify Bill Pay account.

To send your vendor another link, go through the bill payment process again and select Ask vendor to choose (US vendors only).

Who do I contact for issues with the payment?

You, as the business, are who your vendors should contact if they have any issues, they should not reach out to Shopify or Melio. If you need assistance with their questions, then you can contact Shopify support.

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