Troubleshooting Shopify Bill Pay

Review the following issues that can occur in your Shopify Bill Pay account and find common solutions to them.

My bank account verification failed through Plaid

If your bank account is unable to be verified through Plaid, then you can verify your account using micro-deposits.

My bank account verification failed through micro-deposits

If your bank account verification fails when confirming the micro-deposits, then you must connect a new bank account.

I can't add my credit or debit card

Credit or debit cards must be commercial, business, or corporate cards to be added as a payment method in Shopify Bill Pay.

Further, your card can't be a prepaid credit or debit card, and must be issued in the United States.

Review the address you are using for the card and ensure that the zip code is 5 digits long and without hyphens.

If you still can't add your card, then contact Shopify Support.

My payment was declined

Your payment can be declined for the following reasons:

  • Non-business transaction - Shopify Bill Pay is authorized to transfer payments between businesses only. If either party to the transaction is using a personal bank account, Shopify Bill Pay can't process the payment. If you're using a personal bank account, credit card, or debit card, then add a business equivalent payment method instead. If your vendor is using a personal account, then contact them and request that they provide you with business bank account details to process the payment.
  • Fraud risk - A thorough background check is performed on each transaction. If Shopify Bill Pay determines that there is a high enough fraud risk, then the transaction is denied.
  • Unverified - Your business might not have enough information about it publicly available, which restricts the ability to verify its legitimacy.

Contact Shopify Support to help resolve the issue.

My payment was unsuccessful

If your payment was unsuccessful, then review the reasons why payments can be unsuccessful. If you can't resolve your issue with the documentation, then contact Shopify Support.

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