Troubleshooting Shopify Bill Pay

Managing your finances with Shopify Bill Pay should be straightforward, but occasionally, you might encounter issues. This page outlines common problems that you might face while using Shopify Bill Pay and provides solutions to help you resolve them.

Bank account verification issues

Verification failed through Plaid

If you encounter difficulties verifying your bank account through Plaid, then consider switching to the micro-deposits verification method as an alternative.

Verification failed through micro-deposits

Should the micro-deposits method fail, you'll need to connect a different bank account.

Credit or debit card addition issues

To add a credit or debit card in Shopify Bill Pay, ensure that it meets the following criteria:

  • It must be a commercial, business, or corporate card.
  • Prepaid cards aren't accepted.
  • The card must be issued in the United States.
  • Ensure the billing address zip code is a 5-digit number without hyphens.

If you still encounter issues adding your card, then double-check the card details and billing address for any errors. If the problem persists, then contact Shopify Support for further assistance.

Payment decline issues

Reasons for payment declines

Your payment might be declined due to several reasons:

  • Non-business transactions: Shopify Bill Pay only processes transactions between business accounts. If a personal account is used by either party, then replace it with a business account.
  • Fraud risk: Each transaction undergoes a security check. If a transaction is flagged as high-risk, then it might be declined.
  • Lack of verification: If there isn't enough public information about your business to verify its legitimacy, then the transaction might be denied.

If your payment is declined, then verify that all accounts involved are business accounts. If the issue is related to fraud risk or verification, then you can contact Shopify Support for a detailed review and assistance.

Unsuccessful payments

For payments that don’t go through, review the reasons why payments can be unsuccessful. If the resolution isn't clear or the problem persists, then reach out to Shopify Support.

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