Directing customers to the correct country or region

After you set up your markets with different languages and currencies, you need to direct customers to their localized shopping experiences. You can use the following methods to help your customers find the appropriate version of your store that matches their language and location preferences:

  • Automatic domain redirection - When you activate this setting in your Shopify admin, customers in your online store are automatically redirected to the URL that matches their language and geographic location.
  • Geolocation app - This free app makes language and country recommendations to your customers based on their geographic location and browser or device language. It also has the option to display a country and language selector in the footer of your online store that lets your customers choose their language and country or region. In addition to the Geolocation app, there are other compatible third-party apps that you can also use.
  • Deep links - when many countries are contained within the same market, or a market doesn't have its own URL, you can send customers directly to the correct experience for their country or region with a deep link.

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