Creating Facebook Ads for merchants in China

Setting up Facebook Ads through a Facebook Ad reseller

Before you can start running ads on Facebook, you need to set up a Facebook Business Manager (BM), Facebook Ads Manager account, and a Facebook Page through an authorized Facebook Ad reseller in China. If you’re a merchant in China, then set up one of the following resellers to get started with marketing on Facebook:

Each reseller listed above links to an application form that you need to complete, using the following information:

  • A valid mobile number in China
  • A valid email address
  • A scanned copy of your Chinese Business License (as an image in JPEG or PNG format)
  • The 18-digit business license number as stated on your Chinese Business License
  • Your business name as stated on your Chinese Business License
  • Your business address as stated on your Chinese Business License

After submitting the application, your store needs to be approved by both the Facebook Ad reseller and Facebook. This can take up to 2–3 business days.

When your application is approved, a representative from the reseller contacts you at your mobile number to share details about the following next steps:

  1. Access to your Facebook Ad Account using the email address that you provided in the application form when registering with the reseller as your Facebook account ID. You need to set a password for your new Facebook account through the Reset Password function on Facebook.

  2. Make payment to the reseller for Facebook Ad Credits on your Ad Account, so that you can start using these Ad Credits to buy ads on Facebook.

Integrating your Shopify store with Facebook Ads

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