Setting up payments for merchants in China

This section provides information about setting up payments for merchants selling in China. For general information about accepting payments in your store, refer to Payments.

Selecting a payment provider

Before you can accept payments in your Shopify store, you must create an account with a third-party payment provider, such as PayPal, and then set up that account in your Shopify store.

When selecting a payment provider for your store, factors to consider include:

  • Fees: Payment providers might charge a setup or service fee, or charge additional third-party transaction fees on each order. Providers might also charge a withdrawal fee for transferring payouts into a Chinese bank account. Check with the payment provider to make sure that you understand their rules and fees.
  • Payouts: Payment providers have their own rules about when you receive payouts for credit card orders. Providers might require that you add a tracking number to specific payment transactions to receive a payout on that particular order. Providers might also impose withdrawal limits for payouts. Check with the payment provider to make sure that you understand how often you're paid and if there are any restrictions about receiving payouts.

You can find a full list of third-party payment providers in your Shopify admin. Go to Settings > Payments > Third-Party Payment Providers.

Setting up a payment provider

Typically, you need to provide the following information when creating an account with a payment provider:

  • A valid email address or mobile number
  • Your Chinese Business License information
  • The identity of your business' legal representative
  • Your Chinese bank account details, including the account number and bank name

Some payment providers also require that you provide past sales records for your business.

After your account has been approved by the payment provider, you need to set up the provider with your Shopify store. Learn more about Configuring third-party payment providers.

Obtaining a tax waiver on exported goods

As a merchant in China, you need to pay taxes to the Chinese tax authority on the price of goods sold through your store. If you're selling to customers overseas, then check with your payment provider about whether they can help you obtain a tax waiver from the Chinese tax authority on your export sales.

Learn more about taxes.

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