Shopify Retail plan

The Shopify Retail plan is for retail businesses that sell in store and also want to have a simple online presence. It offers all the features of the Shopify Starter plan, along with multiple Shopify POS app features.

The Shopify Retail plan provides you with features to manage staff, inventory, and customers, and with tools to create a simple online store.

Available features on the Shopify Retail plan

In addition to the features available on all plans, and the features available on the Shopify Starter plan, the Shopify Retail plan offers the following features:

Features on the Shopify Retail plan
Shopify POS appThe Shopify Retail plan comes with the following Shopify POS app features:
  • One Shopify POS Pro location. You can add additional POS Pro locations from the POS sales channel.
  • Unlimited Shopify POS staff accounts.
  • Professional reports.
  • Unlimited registers.
  • Customer relationship tools.
  • Inventory management tools.
  • Flexible shopping options, such as in-store shopping, in-store pickup, returns and exchanges at any location.
  • Data security payment card industry (PCI) compliance.
  • 24/7 retail support.
  • Spotlight theme

    With the Shopify Retail plan you can use only the Spotlight theme. You can't use any other theme with the Shopify Retail plan.

    You can use the theme editor to add a logo, a cover image, a brand introduction, a slogan, and social media links. You can also customize the colors of your theme. Further customization options aren't available on the Shopify Retail plan.

    Transaction feesThe Shopify Retail plan offers competitive transaction fees. Review the Shopify Retail plan to find the specific transaction fees for your region.
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