Order management with locations

If you enable locations, then you can fulfill your orders based on the location of your inventory. Your orders are organized to show where your inventory is located, and where you need to fulfill from.

Fulfilling orders for multiple locations

If a customer has placed and paid for an order of multiple products, and one or more of the products are stocked at different locations, then you can fulfill parts of the order separately based on the location of your inventory.


Changing the fulfillment location

You can change the fulfillment location, if you would like to fulfill an order from a location that is different than the one assigned. Locations allows you to select a location that you would prefer to fulfill from in the order details.

If an item is stocked at only one of your locations, then you can't change the fulfillment location for an order.


Refunding an order

Refunding an order results in the payment being sent back to the customer. When you refund an order, you have the option to restock the items and to send a notification email to the customer. Locations allows you to select the location that you wish to restock the item at.


Example for online order fulfillment

In this example, a store has four locations and receives online orders for various items. The orders are assigned to locations based on the fulfillment priority and the following rules:

  • Try to assign the order to a single location.
  • If required, assign a line item to a location that has enough inventory, but do not split line items between locations.
  • If an item is oversold, then assign the order to the priority location where the item is stocked.

Assume the following inventory is available at the locations:

Inventory at four different locations
Location Hats Shirts Mugs Shoes
New York 5 1 Not stocked Not stocked
Los Angeles 0 5 1 Not stocked
Chicago 1 0 5 1
Pittsburgh 10 10 10 10

The location priority is 1 - New York, 2 - Los Angeles, and 3 - Chicago. Pittsburgh does not fulfill online orders.

An order is assigned to locations as follows:

Assigned order locations
Order Assigned locations
1 shirt New York
1 shirt, 1 mug Los Angeles
1 hat, 1 mug Chicago
2 shirts Los Angeles
2 hats, 2 shirts Hats assigned to New York, shirts assigned to Los Angeles
6 shirts New York
7 shirts New York
1 hat, 1 shirt, 1 mug, 1 pair of shoes Hat and shirt assigned to New York, mug assigned to Los Angeles, shoes assigned to Chicago

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