Considerations for setting up international domains

Before you set up international domains, review the following requirements and considerations:

  • You need to use custom domains. You can use both Shopify-managed domains and third-party domains, but you can't use your default domain.
  • Your unique URLs need to be specific to a country or region, such as for Germany or for Canada.
  • To set up a local currency for each country or region where you have a target market, you need to enable multiple currencies using Shopify Payments.
  • To display your store in multiple languages, you need to translate the content of your online store by adding your own translations using CSV files, or by using a compatible third-party app.
  • If you already use multiple languages with your online store with the URL format, then your current URLs continue to work. Language-only subfolders such as /fr or /en can only exist on your primary market. On your secondary markets, subfolders must combine the language code with a country code to display customized content in local languages and currencies. For example, /fr-ca or /en-eu. Learn more about using multiple languages with Markets.

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