Upgrading to Shopify Markets Pro

If you meet the requirements, then you can upgrade to Markets Pro directly from your Shopify admin. Markets Pro makes multiple changes to your store, so you should review the changes before you upgrade to Markets Pro.

After your store is reviewed for Markets Pro, you receive an email and a notification on the Markets page of your Shopify admin.

Before you upgrade to Markets Pro

Before you upgrade to Markets Pro, make sure that you understand the following changes that Markets Pro will make to your online store when your store is reviewed:

Markets Pro changes to your store
  • Your payment gateway switches to the Markets Pro payment gateway for international orders.
  • Your product catalog is automatically classified with Harmonized System (HS) codes and adjusted for restrictions by country.
  • Your product prices are increased by a specific percentage to include the currency conversion fee.
  • Checkout
  • Local payment methods are added to your checkout.
  • Duties are calculated and collected at checkout.
  • Customer's phone number is collected at checkout for Markets Pro orders.
  • DHL and UPS shipping with prepaid duties is used at checkout.
  • Disclaimer is added to checkout that states Global-e is the merchant of record for the transaction on international orders.
  • Markets
  • Markets are created for international markets where you currently sell.
  • Incompatible countries are removed from Markets.
  • Incompatible currencies switch to USD.
  • Online store
  • 136 currencies are accepted in your online store.
  • Automatic domain redirection is activated to give international buyers the best storefront experience.
  • All your international orders are checked for fraud.
  • Payments
  • You receive payouts in USD. Transaction data is available on the 1st, 8th, 15th, and 22nd day of the month. Unfulfilled orders aren't included in payouts.
  • Markets Pro shipping labels have a new transaction type in payouts.
  • Markets Pro becomes your merchant of record for all international orders.
  • Upgrade to Markets Pro

    You can upgrade to Markets Pro directly from the Markets page in your Shopify admin. Your store review might take up to five business days.


    1. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Markets.
    2. Click Upgrade to Markets Pro.
    3. Optional: In the Markets Pro shipping rates section, you can do the following:
      • To download a CSV file with Markets Pro shipping rates, click Download rate table.
      • To calculate Markets Pro shipping rates, click Explore more rates.
    4. In the What happens next section, click Manage, and then choose to upgrade to Markets Pro manually or automatically after your store is reviewed:
      • To upgrade to Markets Pro automatically, select Automatic, and then click Close.
      • To upgrade to Markets Pro manually yourself, select Manual, and then click Close.
    5. Select I accept the Terms of Service.
    6. Click Submit.

    A complete review of the products in your store might take up to 48 to 72 hours. After the review of your store is complete, a list of the products in your store that might be restricted for sale on Markets Pro displays in your Shopify admin, in addition to an estimation of how many of your past international orders consisted of restricted products. To review the details of these products, go to Settings > Markets, and then click View.

    If you chose to upgrade to Markets Pro manually, then after your store is reviewed you can upgrade by going to Settings > Markets, and then clicking Turn on. After you upgrade to Markets Pro, you can set up your Markets Pro and store settings.

    Turning off Markets Pro

    If you no longer want to use Markets Pro for your international orders, then you can turn off Markets Pro in your store.

    Considerations for turning off Markets Pro

    Before you turn off Markets Pro, review the following considerations:

    • Your final payout can be held up to 90 days to account for potential refunds or chargebacks.
    • Orders created prior to turning off Markets Pro still need to be fulfilled through Markets Pro. Orders placed afterward can use other fulfillment methods.
    • Cancel any pickup schedules that you set up for Markets Pro orders.
    • Only store owners can turn off Markets Pro.

    Changes to your store

    Review the following changes to your store after you turn off Markets Pro:

    • Collection of duties and taxes are deactivated in your store.
    • Local payments methods available through Markets Pro are removed from your store.
    • Product, country, and currency restrictions managed by Markets Pro are lifted. You're responsible to keep track and comply with restrictions and regulations yourself.
    • Your customers continue to place orders in their local currency in all your current markets.
    • DHL eCommerce shipping rates are removed from your checkout and the label cost of DHL Express and UPS is changed. Review and update your shipping rates and your markets.

    Turn off Markets Pro

    You can turn off Markets Pro in your store.


    1. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Markets.
    2. Click Preferences.
    3. In the Markets Pro section, click Turn off Markets Pro.
    4. Select the reasons why you want to turn off Markets Pro, and then click Next.
    5. Review the changes to your store that happen after you turn off Markets Pro.
    6. Click Turn off Markets Pro.

    You can upgrade to Markets Pro again from Settings > Markets > Preferences.

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