Shipping with Shopify Markets Pro

To ship your international orders with Markets Pro, your shipments need to meet multiple shipping requirements.

You can buy only DHL Express shipping labels. For more information about order fulfillment, refer to Fulfilling and managing Shopify Markets Pro orders.

Shipping requirements and considerations

When shipping with Markets Pro, your shipments need to meet package and value requirements. Some requirements might vary by destination country. Some products and product categories are prohibited or restricted on Markets Pro.

Package requirements

Review the following maximum package values:

  • maximum piece weight is 150 lb
  • maximum piece dimensions are 47.24 inches in length, 47.24 inches in width, and 47.24 inches in height
  • maximum pallet weight is 660 lb
  • maximum pallet dimensions are 48 inches in length, 48 inches in width, and 63 inches in height

Value restrictions

You can purchase a shipping label up to 25,000 USD total order value.

Value restrictions for specific product categories can vary per destination country. Product categories, such as jewelry or watches, can't exceed 5,000 USD value per individual item. For example, if you're selling jewelry, then you can still buy a shipping label up to 25,000 USD value, but you need to make sure that individual jewelry items don't exceed 5,000 USD value.

Additional shipping fees

In some cases you might have to pay additional shipping fees. Review the following table to learn more about additional shipping fees:

Additional shipping fees
Fee type Service fee Description
Remote area surcharge 7 USD If you ship from or to a remote area, then you might have to pay a remote area surcharge. Learn more about DHL Express remote areas .
Multi-line invoice fee 5 USD If you ship products from five or more different product origins or ship products with five or more different HS codes.
Duty Tax Paid fee 3 USD DHL pays duties and taxes to local governments on behalf of you or your customer. DHL charges a fee for this service. Learn more about DHL Express customs services.
Fuel surcharge Varies Fuel surcharge depends on the current fuel costs. Learn more about DHL Express fuel surcharges.

Download your personalized shipping rates

You can download a CSV file with your personalized shipping rates. You can use these shipping rates as a reference to update the shipping rates that you display at your checkout.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Markets.
  2. In the Other markets section, click Preferences.
  3. In the CUSTOMER RATES section, click download your personalized shipping rate table.
  4. Click Download.

Getting your products to DHL Express

You can drop off your products at a DHL drop-off location or schedule a pickup.

You can choose your shipment pickup option during the Markets Pro application. Review the following table to learn more about shipment pickup options:

Markets Pro shipment pickup options
Pickup option Description
Recurring pickup Choose your preferred shipment pickup day and time window. For example, you can set your pickup window to Mondays and Fridays at 3:00 - 5:00 pm. Recurring pickups begin 48 hours after you receive your first Markets Pro order.
On-demand pickup Schedule a shipment pickup through the DHL website manually at your preferred time and date after you purchase a DHL Express shipping label.

If you want to adjust your pickup information, then you need to contact Shopify Support.

Schedule an on-demand shipment pickup

  1. Go to the DHL Express website.
  2. Click Schedule a Pickup.
  3. In the Do you need to create a shipping label section, click No.
  4. Click You'll need either a DHL Waybill Number or a DHL account number to schedule a pickup top open a drop-down menu, and then select I have a DHL Waybill Number.
  5. In the Waybill Number field, enter the waybill number. You can find the waybill number, such as 1159527530, on your shipping label under the barcode.
  6. In the Phone field, enter your phone number.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Enter your pickup address and your contact details, and then click Next.
  9. Enter the weight and the dimensions of your package, and then click Update.
  10. Choose a pickup date and time, and then click Schedule Pickup.

Price adjustments

A shipping label price adjustment occurs when you purchase a shipping label and the shipping carrier determines that you've provided inaccurate information that results in an incorrect shipping label price. After you ship your order, the correct shipping label price is verified by the shipping carrier. If your carrier determines that your shipment needs a price adjustment, then the adjustment appears in the order timeline. You receive a charge on your next payout. Your package might still be delivered when there is an adjustment.

Price adjustments are a standard industry practice and most shipping carriers follow this standard. To avoid price adjustments, verify that you are entering the correct information when you are purchasing a shipping label.

The price adjustments can occur for Markets Pro orders for the following reasons:

  • The package weight specified on the label doesn't match the actual weight of shipment.
  • The package dimensions specified on the label don't match the actual dimensions of shipment.

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