Currency formatting

You can change the way that currencies are shown on your store to make it easier for your customers to read the amounts.

Currency formatting types

There are four different currency formats that are used in different parts of your store:

The four different currency formats used on your store
NameUsed in
HTML with currencyOnline store and Shopify admin
HTML without currencyOnline store and Shopify admin
Email with currencyNotifications
Email without currencyNotifications and Order Printer templates

Currency formatting options

You can show currency amounts in a few ways:

formatting options for currency amounts
Money formatRoundedExample
{{ amount }}1,134.65
{{ amount_no_decimals }}1,135
{{ amount_with_comma_separator }}1.134,65
{{ amount_no_decimals_with_comma_separator }}1.135
{{ amount_with_apostrophe_separator }}1'134.65

Currency formats that are rounded will be rounded up if the decimal number is 50 or greater, or rounded down if it is not.

Change your currency formatting

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings.
  2. Click Store details.
  3. In the Store currency section, click Change formatting.
  4. In each of the fields, replace {{amount}} with the currency format that you want to use from the options table.
  5. Click Save.

Enable currency codes in your theme settings

Some themes let you display the currency code along with the prices in your online store.

In your theme settings for Dawn, you can show or hide currency codes.

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