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Can I add a Buy Button to my Shopify online store?

It is not recommended to add Buy Buttons to your Shopify online store or Shopify blog because they can cause problems with the cart for the online store. Instead, consider using permalinks to pre-load the cart.

How do I remove the Buy Button channel from my Shopify admin?

From the Sales channels page, click the trash icon beside Buy Button.

How do I remove a Buy Button from my webpage?

Delete the embed code that you added to your webpage.

Can I update an existing Buy Button to show a different product?

Yes, by editing the embed code. You can change the id attribute in the embed code to correspond with a different product. Otherwise you must create a new Buy Button in Shopify that features the product you want, and then generate new embed code to replace the embed code for the previous Buy Button.

When creating a Buy Button, what can the additional information field be used for?

The additional information field lets you communicate a message to your customers. The message appears on the customer's cart. An example of a message might be that taxes are calculated at checkout.

What payment gateways can I use with my Buy Button?

You need to use a supported payment gateway to use Buy Button. To see a list of supported payment gateways in your country or region, refer to Payment information by country or region.

How can I change the appearance of an existing Buy Button?

The simplest way to change the appearance or settings of an existing Buy Button is to recreate it and replace the existing code with the new code. Another option is to follow this advanced tutorial to make the changes.

If you need help changing the appearance, you can hire a Shopify Expert. Learn more about hiring Shopify Experts.

Why isn't my Buy Button working with my app?

Buy Buttons aren't compatible with apps from the Shopify App Store. For example, if you have a product review app, it won't work with a Buy Button.

To create a cart permalink, you need to be on the details page for the product. Learn how to create a cart permalink.

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