Customize your product listings

You can customize your product listings in the following ways using Marketplace Connect:

  • Customize product listings using metafields
  • Use attribute mapping to customize what product information is published to marketplaces
  • Customize product listing titles on marketplaces using variables

Customize your product listings with metafields

Metafields let you add custom fields to your product listings that aren't captured in the Shopify admin. This can help you display more information to your customers about your products, and can improve search ranking by being more specific. For example, a merchant who sells perishable products might want to create a custom metafield to display a product expiration on their products.

Refer to Supported metafields to learn which metafields are automatically recognized by Marketplace Connect.

After you create custom metafields, you can use attribute mapping to sync your custom metafields from your products to their corresponding marketplace listings. Learn how to add metafields to your products.

Supported metafield types

The following types of metafields are recognized by Marketplace Connect:

  • Date and Time
  • Date
  • Decimal
  • Dimension
  • Integer
  • Multi Line
  • Single Line
  • Collection
  • URL
  • True or False
  • Color

The following types of metafields aren't recognized by Marketplace Connect:

  • JSON
  • Rich Text
  • Weight
  • Volume
  • Mixed Reference
  • Money
  • Rating
  • Page
  • Metaobject
  • Files
  • Product Variant

Use attribute mapping to manage products

Attribute mapping lets you customize what information is published from your Shopify catalog to your marketplace listings.

All core Shopify product metafields are mapped automatically after you set up Marketplace Connect. However, some marketplaces require certain product information to be displayed on your listings that isn't by default part of your product details in the Shopify admin. For example, certain product dimensions or bullet points.

To save time from manually adding these fields for each product, you can create metafields for each of the product attributes that your connected marketplaces require, and then use attribute mapping to apply that field to your entire catalog.

After you create and map your custom metafields, those fields automatically populate whenever you upload new products to Shopify, streamlining the marketplace listing process.


  1. From your Shopify admin, click Settings > Apps and sales channels.
  2. Click Marketplace Connect.
  3. Click Open app.

  4. Click Mapping.

  5. Click the Mapping drop-down menu, and then select the marketplace that you want to manage products for.

  6. Use the drop-down menus in each section to choose the product attributes that you want to sync from your Shopify products to your marketplace listings.

  7. Click Save.

Customize titles for your marketplace listings

By default, Marketplace Connect uses your Shopify product name as the corresponding marketplace listing title, and if you change your product name, then your marketplace listing title changes automatically. However, you can enter a formula value into the product Title field to customize your marketplace listing title.

You can customize titles for your marketplace listings in single edit mode, or in bulk edit mode.

Consider the following examples:

  • To insert a constant text value of NEW in front of a variable, such as your product name ({name}), enter NEW {name} into the title column.
  • To use the vendor attribute variable for a product in conjunction with the product name variable, enter {vendor} {name} into the title column.
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