Shop content moderation

Shop understands the importance of maintaining a safe and compliant environment for merchants and customers. To achieve this, Shop has a moderation process in place to ensure that all content on your Shop Store follows the Shop Content Policy. As a Shopify merchant, you need to understand how Shop moderates the content on your Shop Store.

Review process

Shop users can report content that violates the Shop Content Policy. This policy applies to the products that you offer, as well as content that you add to Shop using Shop Minis.

When your content is reported, Shop takes the necessary steps to review it thoroughly. The review process ensures that your content aligns with the merchant guidelines set by Shop.

Consequences of policy violations

If your content is found to violate Shop's policies, then Shop might take appropriate action, including but not limited to redacting certain content, or removing your ability to use third-party Shop Minis on the Shop platform.

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