Shop product reviews ratings and metrics

On this page, you can learn about how Shop calculates your average product review rating and the metrics that display in your Shopify admin.

Shop average ratings

Your average product review rating is displayed in Shop as a star rating from one to five stars. The average rating that's displayed is calculated using the following information:

  • Shop product reviews with text displayed in Shop.
  • Shop product reviews with little or no text that aren't displayed in Shop.
  • Reviews from partner apps that meet Shop's moderation and verification standards, including reviews displayed in Shop, and reviews not displayed in Shop.

Reviews included in the average rating calculation may be subject to Shop’s verification and moderation standards. Any review that's reported and deemed to be violating Shop’s Product Review Policies isn't included in the calculation.

Shop product reviews metrics

You can view metrics about your Shop product reviews from the Reviews page of the Shop channel.

Shop product reviews metrics
Collected reviewsThe number of reviews captured in the date range you select, both from Shop app and any supported partner app.
Conversion rateThe percentage of reviews customers left for your products after they were notified to review a product in the Shop app.
Average ratingThe average rating for all of your reviewed products in Shop. This rating will include reviews collected in the Shop app, and all reviews collected from partner apps that you're using if you are displaying them in Shop.
Partner app reviewsIf you have a supported partner app installed, then this metric displays the number of reviews displayed in Shop that were collected through your partner app.
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