Deleting suppliers on the Shopify Collective app

You can delete a supplier from your Shopify Collective app if you decide to end your partnership. When you delete a supplier, they're notified by email that your stores are no longer connected.

It’s good practice to contact them before deleting your connection, so that you can discuss payments owed for fulfilled orders, and agree how you’ll handle any unfulfilled orders.

Important considerations before deleting suppliers

Before deleting a supplier from your Shopify Collective app, review the following considerations:

  • Deleting a supplier will immediately break the connection between your Shopify stores. They’ll be notified by email.
  • Inventory will be set to 0 for all products you imported from them. Be sure to remove products from your sales channels and campaigns to avoid customers seeing products you no longer sell.
  • No new orders can be created with the deleted supplier, and they might cancel any unfulfilled orders.
  • Order syncing will stop within a few minutes after deleting a supplier, and if tracking numbers are added to orders, then these also won't sync.
  • Payments for fulfilled orders won't be affected, and refunds can still be processed.

Paying a supplier after a partnership ends

No new orders can be created with a deleted supplier, but there can still be existing orders that you’ve not yet paid for. How you pay for these orders depends on your payment settings in the Shopify Collective app, and the individual arrangement you have with the supplier.

If automatic payments are on

If you pay the supplier using automatic payments, then after you delete them as a connection, automatic payments will continue for orders they previously fulfilled.

Any unfulfilled orders that you proceed with will need to be paid for manually. Be sure to agree on a payment method and terms with the deleted supplier.

If automatic payments are off

If you don't use automatic payments with the supplier, then after you delete them as a connection, continue to pay for all previously fulfilled orders using your agreed manual payment method and terms.

Delete a supplier

If you want to end a partnership on Shopify Collective, then you can delete the supplier from your connections.


  1. From your Shopify admin, click Settings > Apps and sales channels.

  2. From the Apps and sales channels page, click Collective (Retailer).

  3. Click Open app.

  4. From the Collective (Retailer) app, click Suppliers.

  5. From the Connected tab, select the supplier you want to delete.

  6. Click Delete supplier, and then click Delete.

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