Getting paid for TikTok Shop orders

Checkout for TikTok Shop is powered by TikTok. After a customer places an order through TikTok Shop, the payment is processed by TikTok, and the funds are transferred to the bank account that you have connected to TikTok.

Getting paid

To receive payouts from TikTok Shop, you need to connect a bank account in your TikTok Seller Center. To learn more, refer to How to change my payment account information? on TikTok Shop Academy.

The length of time between the date that a customer's payment is captured through TikTok Shop and the date that your payout is sent to your bank account is called the Settlement Period. You can review the settlement process of your orders in the Finance section of your TikTok Seller Center. To learn more about Settlement Period rules and when you're paid for your TikTok Shop orders, refer to the following resources on TikTok Shop Academy:

If a customer requests a refund, return, or cancellation on an order, then it's processed through the TikTok Seller Center. Learn more about orders placed through TikTok Shop.

Referral fees

As of April 16, 2024, TikTok Shop charges a fee on all qualified transactions. To learn more about seller fees, refer to TikTok Shop Referral Fees for Sellers on TikTok Shop Academy.

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