Adding a domain to Shopify

When you buy a domain through Shopify, your domain is automatically configured to work with your primary domain. By default, your primary domain has the format when you sign up for Shopify. If you want to change the domain that's displayed to customers while they browse your online store, then you can add a custom URL, such as You can add a custom domain to Shopify in two ways:

  • If you don't already own a custom domain, then you can buy a domain through Shopify. When you buy a custom domain through Shopify, the domain is automatically configured to be your store's primary domain.
  • If you already own a custom domain from a third-party provider, then you can use a domain that you already own. You can either connect your custom domain to your online store, or transfer management of the domain to Shopify.

You can add up to 10 domains or subdomains to your Shopify store, in addition to your URL. If your store is on the Shopify Plus plan, then you can add up to 1,000 domains or subdomains. When you add your custom domain to Shopify, a new SSL certificate is created automatically.

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