Buying a domain from Shopify

If you don't already have a custom domain, then try buying domains through Shopify to simplify the setup process. Custom domains purchased through Shopify start at $11 USD per year. Your domain is automatically set up for you, and you keep ownership even if you leave Shopify.

Domains purchased through Shopify are registered for one year, and can be renewed until you cancel your domain or Shopify store. Shopify does not provide email accounts as part of its domain services, but does provide unlimited email forwarding accounts for your domain name. Domain purchases are non refundable.

Buy a domain from Shopify

To buy a domain from Shopify, follow these steps:

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Domains.
  2. Click Buy new domain.
  3. Enter the domain name that you want to buy:
    Enter domain name
  4. Available extensions and their prices will be listed. Extension options include common extensions (such as .com or .biz), country extensions (such as .ca or, and premium extensions (such as .blackfriday). Prices vary, so review the options carefully.
  5. Click Buy next to the domain that you want to buy:
    Buy domain
  6. Review the purchase summary:

    1. Review the personal information. By default, the Shopify store owner's email and information are used to purchase and renew domains.
    2. Check Auto-renew this domain every year if you want your domain to be automatically renewed for you before it expires:
    3. Confirm whether this domain offers WHOIS Privacy. WHOIS allows people to look up information about the owner of a domain name. WHOIS Privacy is a service that hides your information from a WHOIS lookup, keeping your personal contact information hidden from the public. If the domain name you've selected offers WHOIS privacy, you will see this:
      WHOIS privacy
      If you do not see this and you would like WHOIS privacy on your domain, click Cancel and select a different domain extension that isn't on the WHOIS Exceptions list.
    4. Read the ICANN policy and the Domain Registration Agreement.
  7. If you are satisfied, click Buy domain. You will receive an email from Shopify confirming your purchase. It can take up to 48 hours for your new domain to start working.

WHOIS Exceptions

WHOIS (pronounced "who is") is a service you can use to look up information about the owner of a domain name. WHOIS privacy is a service that hides your domain information from a WHOIS lookup. This keeps your personal contact information hidden from the public.

The following top-level domains don't include WHOIS privacy when you purchase a domain through Shopify:

Top-level domains that don't include WHOIS privacy
.abogado .ac .ae .aero .af
.africa .ag .ai .alsace .am
.ar .archi .as .asia .at
.au .auto .barcelona .bayern .be
.berlin .br .brussels .bzh .cat
.cd .ch .cl .cm .cologne
.coop .corsica .cx .cz .de
.ec .es .feedback .fi .fm
.fr .frl .gd .gg .gl
.gr .gs .gy .hamburg .hk
.hm .hn .hr .ht .hu
.il .im .in .io .is
.je .jobs .jp .kg .ki
.kr .la .law .lc .li
.lt .lu .lv .ly .ma
.md .melbourne .mn .ms .mu
.mx .my .nl .no .nrw
.nu .nyc .nz .paris .pe
.ph .pl .pm .pr .pro
.pt .pw .qa .quebec .re
.rio .ro .ru .ruhr .sb
.sc .scot .se .sg .sh
.si .so .sr .srl .st
.sx .sydney .tc .tf .tk
.tl .tm .to .travel .tw
.ua .us .uy .vc .ve
.vg .vlaanderen .vote .voto .wf
.wien .yt .za

Next steps

After you've purchased your domain, you can do the following things:

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