Changing the wording in themes

You can customize your online store by changing the default text in your theme. For example, you can change "Cart" to "Shopping bag", or "Sold out" to "Unavailable". Each theme includes a language editor where you can edit the text for your theme.

Overview of the language editor

By using the language editor, you can change the words and sentences that appear in your online store. If your theme includes other languages, then you can change the text for those languages too.

The language editor has a series of tabs across the top of the screen. You might have to click the ... at the right to see all of the tabs:

The tabs in the language editor

The language editor has tabs for the following categories:

Description of tab contents for language editor
Tab name Details
General General text and messages including form submissions, subscriptions, and searches
Blogs All of the elements that are associated with reading, posting, and commenting on blog articles
Cart Content and messages that are displayed on the cart page
Collections Text that is associated with creating, viewing, searching, and sorting collections
Contact Field names and messages for contact forms
Customer Field names and messages for customers, accounts, and order details
Home page Messages and labels for home page content
Layout Content that appears on the header or on the footer, such as navigation, the cart button, and customer login information
Products Messages that are related to viewing products and product availability
Gift cards Notices that are related to issuing, using, and managing gift cards
Date formats The format used for the date
Checkout and system All of the content in the checkout as well as system titles, errors, and notices

Change the default wording in your theme

You can change the default wording in your theme.


  1. Find the theme that you want to edit, and then click Actions > Edit default theme content.

  2. Click the tab that includes the text that you want to change.

  3. Edit the text.

  4. Click Save.

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