Shopify Plus organization analytics

If you're on the Shopify Plus plan and have access to Organization Settings, then you can review aggregate organization-level information about the performance across all your stores. Users must have at least one organization permission to access organization-level analytics. Organization analytics are displayed in your Shopify admin on the Analytics page in any of the stores that you have access to.

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Overview metrics

Above the standard information offered on the Analytics page is an Overview section that displays aggregated analytic metrics across the stores in your organization.

Description of organization-level analytic metrics.
Analytic metricDescription
Total ordersThe total number of orders from the store or across the organization. The orders in this section don't include orders that contain only gift cards.
Total sales

The total sales for the store or across the organization. This value is calculated using the following formula: Total sales = gross sales - gift card sales - discounts - monetary returns + taxes + shipping charges.

Because negative values, such as discounts and returns, are included in this calculation, the total might be a negative value. For example, if you have more returns than sales in the time frame displayed, then the total sales amount for that time frame is a negative value.

If the stores in your organization use different currencies, then you can select which currency to use when reviewing the data. You can only choose to display currencies that are used in your organization. If all the selected stores use the same currency, then the currency selector isn't displayed.

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