Viewing stores in Shopify Plus with Organization Settings

You can view and filter a list of the stores in your organization. The store list includes the following information:

  • ID
  • name
  • primary domain
  • type
  • status

Store status

A store's status is either active or pending contract addition. By default, only active stores are displayed in Organization Settings. To review pending stores, click Pending.

Descriptions of store statuses.

Active stores are fully activated stores.

An active store isn't necessarily open to the public. Some setup for a new store might be required, such as adding products, staff, or sales channels.

Pending contract addition

Pending stores are newly created stores that might exceed your contract limits.

Pending stores become active after the request has been processed by Shopify and you've approved any additional charges.

Store type

A store's type is its general purpose. The type might affect the billing or setup of the store, but won't restrict its features or capabilities.

Description of store types.
Store typeDescription
Production storeA production store is a store created to sell your products.
DevelopmentA development store created to let merchants experiment with themes, branding, or custom coding. Development stores aren't intended for selling products.

Store configuration

To view more information about a specific store, click that store's name on the Stores page. The Store configuration section provides in-depth information about the store.

Information available on the store configuration page.
Store detailDescription
Internal name and iconDisplays the internal name of the store and its two-letter or three-letter identifier. The name and identifier in this section are displayed within the Shopify admin only, and aren't displayed to customers.
Store typeDescribes the store's primary purpose.
Users and permissionsDisplays the store's owner and number of users in the store. The store owner has full permissions within the store and can access its financial information. Click Manage to review the full list of users with permissions to the store.
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