Google Pay

Google Pay allows customers to pay easily and securely through your online store. When a customer pays for their order by using Google Pay, they don't need to manually enter their credit card information or shipping address. The customer will tap the Google Pay button and Google Pay will provide that information to the payment provider.

Google Pay Requirements

To enable the Google Pay button for your online store, you need to be using Shopify Payments.

Browsers that support Google Pay

To see the Google Pay button, your customers need to be using one of the following supported browsers on desktop or mobile:

  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • UCWeb UC Browser

Activate Google Pay

To activate Google Pay, complete the following steps:

  1. In the section for your credit card payment provider, click Edit:

    Shopify payments edit button

  2. In the Accelerated Checkouts section, check the box next to Google Pay:

    Shopify payments edit button

  3. Review the Google Pay terms of use, then click Save.

Your customers can now use Google Pay to check out on your store.

Google Pay Customer experience

When a customer visits your online store using a supported browser, they will see a button with the Google Pay logo.

If your customer has the Google Pay app installed, then they can tap the button to make a purchase with Google Pay. After they tap the button, they'll see their billing and shipping information. The customer then has to authenticate to conclude the purchase.

Troubleshooting your Google Pay setup

Google Pay not showing in the Shopify admin

Google Pay is only available to merchants on Shopify Payments.

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