Email money transfers

If your store is in Canada, then you can let your customers pay with an email money transfer instead of with a credit card. Canadian customers can use an email money transfer service like Interac to securely pay for their order.

At checkout, you give the customer your email address and a secret answer that they'll use as a password for the money transfer. The customer goes to their online banking account and sends you the email money transfer. Then, you get an email with instructions on how to transfer the money to your account. After you accept the transfer, you can mark the order as paid in the Shopify admin.

Set up email money transfers

  1. In the Manual payments section, select Create custom payment method:

    Selecting a custom payment method

  2. Enter the name of your payment method.

  3. Enter your email address:

    Entering the email address for an email money transfer

    This is the email address that your customers will send their money to.

  4. Enter your secret question and answer:

    Entering the secret question and answer for an email money transfer

    When your customer makes the email money transfer, they need to enter the secret question and answer. Then, you'll provide the secret answer when you accept the money transfer.

  5. Copy the text from Enter additional details and paste it in Enter the payment instructions:

    Copy and paste the details for an email money transfer

    This will show the instructions to your customer when they finish the checkout process, as well as when they pick the payment method.

  6. Click Activate.

When your customers are checking out on your store, they'll see the name of your email money transfer payment method and the instructions to complete the payment:

The email money transfer option that shows up when your customers check out

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