PayPal multiple currencies

If you sell in multiple currencies using Shopify Payments, then you can accept multi-currency payments from customers using PayPal. When your customer pays for an order using PayPal, both the PayPal and Shopify checkouts display the customer's currency. Also, any refunds issued to the customer are handled in the customer's currency.

Each multi-currency order using PayPal must be accepted before it's marked as paid and is ready to ship. Your payment receipt from PayPal includes information about exchange rates and fees.

Changing multiple currency settings in PayPal

In your PayPal settings, you can choose from the following options for multi-currency orders:

  • Accept all orders automatically
  • Review and accept or decline each order manually
  • Decline all multi-currency orders

By default, you must review and accept each multi-currency order in PayPal manually. If you decide to decline an order, then the buyer can't checkout and they receive an error stating that you don't accept their currency. In your PayPal settings, select accept all orders automatically to avoid having to review each order manually.

For more information about changing your settings in PayPal, refer to How to accept foreign payments with your PayPal Business account

Currencies accepted by PayPal

For a complete list of currencies accepted by PayPal, refer to Multi-currency support list

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