Shop Pay Installments approved messaging guidelines and disclosures

You need to use approved messaging when promoting Shop Pay Installments. This can include headlines in emails, or a banner in your online store.

If you're using any approved messaging that includes an asterisk (*), then you can also find legal disclosures on this page that you might need to add when promoting Shop Pay Installments.

Introduce Shop Pay Installments with approved messaging

Approved messaging includes headlines that stand out, such as through larger text, placement at the top of the page, concise language, active verbs, or a different font or font color.

The approved messaging lets customers know about Shop Pay Installments by giving them a reason to want to learn more about the benefits of paying in installments.

Approved social media messaging

To stay compliant with state and federal regulations for offering installments and the Truth in Lending Act (TILA), use only approved messaging to promote Shop Pay Installments on social media:

  • We’re proud to offer more ways to pay. Now you can pay over time with Shop Pay and choose the plan that’s best for you.
  • We’re proud to offer more ways to pay. Get what you want in 4 interest-free payments or choose a monthly payment plan when you check out with Shop Pay.
  • We’re proud to offer Shop Pay Installments! Buy today and pay in 4 or more payments starting at 0% APR.
  • Shop Pay Installments is available in store! Shop your favorites in person with flexible payment options. Stop by and ask us how to get started.

Announcement messaging

Announcement messaging for Shop Pay Installments lets customers know that you are offering a new payment option. This messaging emphasizes that customers can pay for their purchase over time.

You can introduce the option to pay in installments with these email and homepage banner headlines:

  • Introducing buy now, pay later with Shop Pay
  • Introducing a new way to pay over time
  • Get it today, pay over time
  • Big ticket items, small flexible payments
  • Buy now, pay later - choose the way you pay.
  • Buy what you want, with flexible payment options.

You can use our customizable Shopify Email template when you introduce Shop Pay installments to your customers.

Personalized messaging

Personalized messaging lets you promote what a customer can do today by shopping with you, while also promoting the ability to pay for the product later.

You can personalize the messaging to fit your business. For example:

  • Design now, pay later
  • Wear now, pay later

Promotional messaging

You can create promotional banners and emails by using one of the following headlines:

  • Buy now, pay later with Shop Pay
  • Get it now, pay over time
  • Yours now, pay later
  • Decorate now, pay later
  • Gift today, pay later
  • Shop now, pay in flexible payments*

Approved subheadline messaging for highlighting the benefits of paying in installments

You can add a subheadline to expand on the announcement, personalized, or promotional messaging. The subheadline is often presented in a smaller font and adds more context to the messaging above it.

Highlight the benefits of paying in installments by using one of the following subheadlines:

  • Pay in full or choose a flexible payment plan with Shop Pay. Learn more*
  • Flexible payment options available*
  • Split your purchase into flexible payments*

Required messaging for long fulfillment times

If a product purchased using Shop Pay Installments might take over 30 days to fulfill, such as preorders or handcrafted items, then you need to include the following messaging on relevant product pages:

If you finance your purchase with Affirm, your first payment is due approximately two weeks after your purchase is finalized. Please note that due to extended delivery times, your loan payment(s) may be due before you receive your purchase.

Optional carbon removal messaging

When creating marketing material about Shop Pay Installments, you can also include this optional messaging about Shop's carbon removal projects:

Choose Shop Pay at checkout to support carbon removal projects at no extra cost.

Approved product promotion messaging

Include promotional messaging for specific products that you want to promote in an email or social post. Product promotion can showcase multiple products. For example:

  • $XX.XX or flexible installment options starting at payments of $XX.XX*
  • $100 or flexible payments starting at payments of $25*


If you're using any approved messaging that includes an asterisk (*), then you need to include this required disclosure:

Rates from 0-36% APR. Payment options through Shop Pay Installments are subject to an eligibility check and are provided by these lending partners: [](
Options depend on your purchase amount, and a down payment may be required. State notices to consumers [](
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