Understanding your store and payout currencies

The currency on your Shopify admin and that is displayed to your customers on your online store is your store currency.

The currency your deposits from Shopify Payments orders are made in is your payout currency.

Store currency

Your store currency is the currency used within your Shopify admin for pricing products and running reports. This is the primary currency that your customers will use when making purchases on your store. You can select any currency from the available options in your store settings based on your customer base's location. Learn more about how to change your store currency.

Payout currency

The payout currency refers to the currency that Shopify Payments uses to deposit money into your bank account. This depends on the location of your store, and your bank account must generally be in the same country as your store. For instance, if your store is in Canada but you prefer to get paid in USD, then your bank account should also support USD and be based in Canada or the United States. Learn more about bank account requirements.

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