Troubleshooting payment gateways

This section lists some common issues related to your store's payment systems and provides links to troubleshooting steps.

Troubleshoot a customer's checkout

If a customer experiences payment errors when they try to checkout, then you can view the abandoned checkout history or the order timeline for more details.

Troubleshoot Shopify Payments

If you're having trouble connecting your bank account to Shopify Payments, then review Bank account requirements for Shopify Payments. If you experience issues with the gateway after setup, then review the Shopify status page to confirm if there are any current outages.

If your Shopify Payments account is on hold, then review the banner message on the homepage of your Shopify admin for next steps and have the Shopify store owner check their email address.

Basic troubleshooting for third-party payment gateways

If you experience issues connecting your third-party payment gateway, then try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Verify the account credentials - Most third-party payment gateways require only an account ID and some form of password or security key to be entered into Shopify's settings. Many issues can be caused by from these values being incorrect, so it's important to make sure the values are accurate.
  • Check for additional setup steps - Third-party payment gateways can provide additional setup instructions. To complete any additional steps, go to the third-party provider's page. Learn more about configuring third-party payment providers.
  • Contact your payment gateway - Most of the settings for your gateway are within your third-party payment gateway account, not your Shopify admin. Contact their support to make sure that the settings are configured correctly to connect with your Shopify account and that any test mode settings have been deactivated.

Third-party payment gateway or services

Amazon Pay

For resolutions to Amazon Pay issues, visit Activate Amazon Pay in Amazon Pay.

Apple Pay

For resolutions to Apple Pay issues, visit Troubleshooting in Apple Pay.

For resolutions to issues, visit Troubleshooting in Set up

Google Pay

For resolutions to Google Pay issues, visit Troubleshooting in Google Pay.

iDeal (through Mollie)

For resolutions to iDeal issues, visit iDEAL payments.


For resolutions to PayPal issues, visit Common issues in Set up PayPal.


For resolution to the "ssl_salestax" message, visit Fix VirtualMerchant ssl_salestax errors.

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