US state privacy laws

United States (US) states are increasingly taking action to address consumer privacy. In 2018, California passed the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which took effect in 2020. That law was later amended by the California Privacy Rights Act (“CPRA”) on January 1, 2023. Since then, four other US states (Virginia, Colorado, Connecticut, and Utah) have adopted omnibus consumer privacy laws, which take effect over the course of 2023, and others are considering similar laws. We collectively refer to these laws as the “state privacy laws.” These laws give residents of their US states more control over their personal information. If your website is available to residents of those US states or you are involved in the collection, processing, sale, or sharing of their personal information, then these laws might apply to you.

This page provides general information to merchants, who are responsible for reviewing and using this information appropriately. This page doesn't contain and isn't meant to provide legal advice.

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